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About Me

  There are profound influences that have inspired my life as an artist, the exposure to art since childhood, as well as been surrounded by a family of artists, musicians and writers, has given me the courage and energy to persue the ever-rewarding study of art.
  Born in the island of Crete, thus continuously exposed to nature with all its glory, I was able to recognize and appreciate its splendors. This is demonstated in my work as a realistic landscape painter. I enjoy painting out doors,weather permiting I sketch and paint on sight.
  I have attended workshops, given demos in Canada and abroad.I am an active member of various Artists' associations, and signature member of Pastel Society of Eastern Canada.
  I have participated in many  juried exhibitions over the years and have won many prizes, the most recent in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro art competition year 2011.
   I am listed in numerous publication, such as Magazin'Art, Le Pluralisme dans l'art au Québec,and Lexicon of fine art,vol. II, Greece.
   My paintings are in private and coorporative collections in Canada, U.S.A.,Europe, and Saudi.

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